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January 14, 2022

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Inox Design Kateris provides dairy equipment and food processing machinery for complete solutions from a small dairy farm to the largest unit for a complete production line in Greece and abroad.”
— Giannis Kateris
LARISSA, THESSALY, GREECE, January 14, 2022 / -- Giannis Kateris is one of the most characteristic entrepreneurs in the field of dairy / cheese machinery with the company Inox Design Kateris, but also one of those who give life to the entrepreneurship of the Greek region. His company has acquired an export orientation in recent years and his participation in international exhibitions is now an integral part of his work.

G. Kateris is excited about the business trip he made a few months ago to Germany, even though that trip was not… leisure. His company, Inox Design Kateris, participated this year 2021, for the second time, in the big international exhibition Interpack, which took place at the Messe exhibition center in Düsseldorf. It was preceded by the company's participation in the organization of the same exhibition in 2014, an experience not very positive as he remembers, as the participation was closed at the last minute and the stand was 'lost' among many others.

This time, however, the organization of the presence was better, the kiosk was in a privileged-competitive position and very close to some of the leading companies in the industry. The stand of 50 sq.m. of Inox Design Kateris had a simple structure and, without extra decorations, presented new products of the company.

The exhibition 2021 went very well as the company managed to meet with thousands of potential customers and communicate with a significant market share that interests it. The visitors came from all over the world and were united by their common interest mainly in cutting cheese, as the main exhibit of the Inox Design Kateris stand was a cheese cutter.

This is a cutter that the company has been constantly improving for six years. Having satisfactory and continuous sales, Inox Design Kateris has the ability to make almost continuous corrections to its existing models, following the model of multinational companies with organized research and development departments.

The big Greek businessmen who are the main customers of the company, saw with a very positive eye and evaluated based on their own complex criteria the presence of the company in such a large, international exhibition. Their opinion, as well as the opinion of competing companies is of great importance.

It is characteristic that the owner of the largest company in the industry, visited the Inox Design stand and stayed there for a while talking with G. Kateris. As the latter confessed to us, the foreign businessman was trying to understand how it is possible for Inox Design to sell a machine that is similar to one of his own, but at half price. This is a businessman who in the past did not even deserve to talk to the representative of a Greek company.

G. Kateris may willingly invest to promote his business to the international commercial public - but he is dissatisfied with the state policy of over-taxing entrepreneurship. He distances himself from the current policy which leaves him out of his job and points out that, at some point, the state should understand that in addition to tourism, livestock and the processing of livestock products, are sectors that can strengthen the Greek economy.

It is no coincidence that at this time in Thessaly many breeders now decide to use the raw material they produce themselves, but entering the profession of cheesemaker presupposes the solution of some difficult equations.

Inox Design's clientele is wide and constantly expanding: La Farm from Trikala, NEOGAL from Drama, Exarchos Cheese Factory from Elassona, Provertia from Alexandroupolis, are just some of the company's customers. At the moment, the company of G. Kateris is completing and is expected to deliver machines for DELTA and Roussas cheese, which has a factory in Almyros, Volos and has been active in the market since 1952, while there is interest even from companies that until recently trusted the German technology.

Inox Design is no longer a small dairy machinery industry. "We are equal to foreigners because we use reliable and suitable materials" explains Giannis Kateris and adds: "But we are much more competitive because we are next to the businessman cheesemaker who wants our help. On the other hand, the big customers know the market in depth and, with their knowledge, they help us to perfect our work".

The ecological footprint of his activity, as well as the energy efficiency of his constructions, are issues that concern Inox Design Kateris. "In recent years we have managed to build a tank for the maturation of the cheese, resulting in a reduction in the use of tinplate. And it's not just the cost for the supply of tinplate packaging, as much as the environmental burden from the use of so many thousands of packaging at the level of a large factory. The tank may have a cost, but its depreciation does not last more than two years", claims the businessman from Thessaly.

We close our discussion by asking him, as usual, for his opinion on the market in which he operates. "It is a difficult period we are going through, there is tough competition in prices, especially in the export sector, and as things develop, I predict we will have a difficult winter 2022." Those who are working at the moment are holding on to their feet, but they will be too stressed," predicts the experienced businessman. However, he seems ready for all possibilities.

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